About Stevens Group

Our Story

Founded in 1974 by Hayward and Brian Johnston, Stevens Group began as a small father and son manufacturing and engineering business operating from their home garage. Continue clicking through our timeline above.

Our Mission

We import, manufacture, and distribute world leading outdoor machinery that is perfected for acclimatised performance to best serve the New Zealand Market

Our Value

To continue growing sustainably from sales of high-quality capital equipment (including parts, service, attachments and hire), and have a worldwide top 3 per capita market penetration for all brands we sell. We only target machinery that cuts, processes, screens, & recycles greenery and waste.

Our People

Stevens Group offers an exceptionally resilient business model in today's rapidly evolving market because of its experience in Manufacturing, Research & Development, Importing, Wholesale, Retail and Hire. These core strengths give Stevens Group suppliers a distinct advantage by ensuring that products remain relevant to the New Zealand market conditions, and can be distributed to market through the most effective channel for our end users.

Our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to give them the best possible experience by perfecting the products that we sell to work optimally in the New Zealand market — Perfected for Acclimatised Performance. This involves being focused on the customers and markets we serve. Here at Stevens Group the customers that we serve are customers that cut and recycle greenery, green waste, and waste.