Mini-Skid Steer

  • Boxer 320 Mini-Skid Steer

    This gas-powered 320 Mini Skid steer offers the power that Boxer has become known for in a smaller package, allowing you to reduce overheads and increase job site productivity. Providing the strength to perform a variety of tasks and the versatility to get into tight areas.

    With a universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system, you can quickly and easily switch between the full complement of of attachments, minimizing hand labour.

    Reduced size, ease of operation and attachment options, the 320 is ideal for the rental industry.

  • Boxer 322D Mini-Skid Steer

    The small but powerful Boxer 322D can handle “big machine” tasks while providing ease of access as a result of the smaller footprint. Able to handle a full complement of attachments, the diesel-powered 322D allows you to minimize hand labor, reduce overhead and increase productivity.

  • Boxer 525DX Mini-Skid Steer

    The 525DX features a redesigned hydraulic package, providing smoother drive controls and improved simultaneous functionality. Additionally, the Boxer 525DX features improved protection of the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler components — a push-button machine pressure relief valve to easily couple hydraulic-powered attachments to the high-flow auxiliary remote couplers and increased track adjustment length to extend usable track life. Unique to the Boxer 500 series, the variable track widening system allows the Boxer 500 series to fit through a 36″ (91 cm) gate with the simple push or pull of a hydraulic lever. Narrow the unit to fit through tight areas and expand the tracks for additional stability.