Slow Speed Shredder Line

  • Inventhor Type-6

    The Inventhor Type 6 is the latest generation of slow-speed shredders and sets the standard for economic shredding. Featuring patented direct drive concept VarioDirect Drive, intuitive operating concept, and the modular structure, the Inventhor Type 6 is designed for maximum efficiency and practicality in shredding.

  • Inventhor Type-9

    Real Size. Full Power. Maximum Flexibility. The Inventhor Type 9 opens up completely new possibilities for effective shredding. From material feed to removal, it impresses with a whole range of innovations. The new VarioDirectDrive transfers the power continuously and relieves the motor. The new housing concept provides optimised accessibility from all sides. No matter green recycling or commercial waste, the Inventhor Type 9 is the solution for Big Jobs.