• D-Bay Hire - ES18 ZT

    David George — D-Bay Hire

    “Great Performance”

    “Very smooth to operate”

    “Comfortable, and can cater for larger persons”

    “Easy to use layout”

    “Very fuel efficient”

    “Stacks up very well against all other top brands”

    “I chose a Eurocomach excavator for the good back up”

    “COM offers great support, always willing to go the extra mile”

  • Smart Move Leisure Ltd - ES18 ZT

    Lee Wilson — Smart Move Leisure Ltd

    “Better power, especially on stump removal”

    “Excellently smooth to track and turn”

    “Much better comfort for tall people than other makes”

    “Good fuel economy”

    “Much better than my old machine, and far superior to Chinese/Japanese makes”

    “Support from Commercial Outdoor Machinery has been excellent”

    “I saw it, liked it, and bought it”

  • Applied Engineering Ltd - ES25 ZT & ES57 ZT

    Peter Edwards & Ara Weretere — Applied Engineering

    “Operates as good or better than any machine I’ve owned”

    “Very smooth operation, great for trimming to levels”

    “Very comfortable for a small digger… another plus”

    “Cabin has great visibility”

    “Excellent fuel efficiency”

    “I’d rate these machines right up there with the top brands”

    “I bought Eurocomach for their price, value, and looks”

    “Commercial Outdoor Machinery have been great to deal with”

  • Landscape & Driveway Solutions - ES50 ZT

    Bryce Parsons — Landscape & Driveway Solutions

    “Amazing performance. Exceeded my expectations”

    “Very smooth operation”

    “Very comfortable. Lessens tiredness if you’re doing a long day”

    “Cabin layout is 10 out of 10”

    “I bought the Eurocomach Excavator because it had every configuration I required”

    “I’d rate support as 10 out of 10. Great salesman, even after the sale was completed”

  • T-Rex Vegetation Control - ES85 ZT

    Darren Thompson — T-Rex Vegetation Control

    “Performance, Operation, Comfort, Efficiency, and cabin layout — all very good”

    “…the Eurocomach has more lifting power than my previous machines (Komatsu, Kobelco, Cat)”

    “Very stable on steep terrain”

    “The machine comes with an excellent range of factory auxiliaries”

    “Support is excellent”